Parking rehab

9 05 2010

Saw this at the Eaton Centre yesterday (apologies for the poor picture quality – I took it with my cellphone camera):

Parking rehabilitation? I guess “rehabilitation” sounds better than “renovation” or “repair”. Unless this is a technical architecture term. But it sounds like the parking lot is recovering from some sort of binge. I suppose that inhaling all those exhaust fumes can harm you.

Had last night’s SNL on tape; it’s the first time in years I’ve watched the show straight through. Of course, this is because Betty White was hosting: she is 88 1/2 years old, and she was easily the best performer out there. And she can play a good game of beer pong too.

The Song Of The Day is “Lightning Express” by the Everly Brothers. Probably the best two-part harmony singing I’ve ever heard. They sing like one giant voice.




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