Why haven’t they?

11 05 2010

I don’t get it. If the human race can land somebody on the moon and map its own genome, why hasn’t somebody invented an umbrella that won’t go inside out and get destroyed on a rainy, windy day? Isn’t that exactly the time when you most need protection from the rain?

If you’re a young entrepreneur reading this (and, if so: why are you wasting your time when you should be entrepreneuring?), you could make a fortune by inventing a light, inexpensive, portable, indestructible umbrella. Why, your name would go down in history next to Darwin’s.

Totally unrelated to anything: if your Facebook friends list mysteriously drops by one, and your first reaction is “Oh my God – what if she (or he) has dropped me?”, you have learned something about yourself.

And also totally unrelated: I don’t quite trust people who wear pointy-toed shoes (certain kinds of high heels excepted). Those shoes just look mean.

The Song Of The Day is “Happy When It Rains” by The Jesus and Mary Chain. (Note: sarcasm. Though it is a good song.)




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