Fork-wielding elves

12 05 2010

I’m reading Heather B. Armstrong’s book about becoming a parent, It Sucked And Then I Cried, and found this:

If you have a job where there are more good parts than bad parts then you’ve obviously made a deal with the Devil and you’re going to spend the rest of eternity being tortured by fork-wielding elves to make up for the imbalance. I’m just saying.

For some reason, I’ve had “Pennsylvania 6-5000” running through my head all day – or, rather, just bits of it. I just Googled it: it’s the phone number for the Hotel Pennsylvania, and they claim that it is the oldest continuing phone number in New York City. And it occurred to me just now that, in Latin, this would probably be “Pennsylvanium VI VM”, which still has the same rhythm. (Sorry – it’s been a busy day. I got nuthin’.)

The Song Of The Day is not “Pennsylvania 6-5000”. That would be too obvious. And it’s not “Hotel California” either. It’s “Planet Claire” by the B-52’s, just because it’s so much fun and so silly. When I was 19, I played that album pretty much all the time. I drove my university roommate crazy.




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