Stories from the big city, part 26

17 05 2010

Two Toronto stories:

I was walking down Ossington Avenue at about 7:00 this evening when I heard a skateboarder behind me. I moved to one side of the sidewalk to let him go by. “Sorry,” he said, as he went by me, even though he didn’t come close to hitting me. This is why I love Canada and I love Toronto: even the skateboarders apologize for making you move out of their way.

On the subway home tonight, I was sitting near a large teenage or slightly older male person who was very loud and sounded somewhat drunk. Sigh, I thought. Then, he got up, started yelling loudly about something, and punched the subway door as hard as he could. The same thought hit all of us simultaneously: we are sharing a transit vehicle with a crazy and potentially violent person.

This is where the iPhone came in very handy: I was in the middle of playing Doodle Jump, and could concentrate intently on the game and ignore the crazy dude without looking like I was ignoring him. Then, the subway stopped at the next stop, and it occurred to about a dozen of us that getting out and going to the next car was a really good idea. One woman was so spooked that she got off at the next station after that and went one car further over. As far as I know, nothing eventful happened – he wasn’t on the train when I got off at Broadview, and I assume that someone would have pressed the emergency strip had some incident actually occurred. So all is well.

The Song Of The Day is “Stop That Train” by Bob Marley and the Wailers (featuring Peter Tosh on vocals).




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