18 05 2010

Saw two interesting things this evening: one depressing, and one cheerful.

The depressing thing was an advertisement on a streetcar shelter in Regent Park: “Cash for flash”, with a photo of a man with a lot of gold teeth. So I guess the deal is that you can get quick money by selling off the gold in your mouth. How sad-making.

The cheerful thing: on my way to the 24-hour Sobeys to buy breakfast cereal, I noticed that a child had written “Welcome to Cambridge Avenue!” in large letters on the sidewalk, and had signed her name. What a generous thing to do! I know I felt better as I headed home.

On my way home, I was a little bit disappointed: the wind had died down, but it wasn’t completely calm. I think it’s really awesome when there is no wind at all. The last time I remember that happening for sure was in the spring of 2005: I was walking home from a night class at Centennial College, and everything was completely still. It was so peaceful. I want that to happen again, please.




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