Happy Queen Vicky Day

24 05 2010

Today was just about a perfect Victoria Day: sunny and warm. So warm, in fact, that the City of Toronto issued a heat alert today, advising residents to stay out of the sun, avoid strenuous activities, and drink plenty of fluids. I’m wondering whether this is a bit of overkill: the humidex peaked at about 32 today, which is warm but not overwhelming. I suppose the time of year is a factor: none of the city’s pools will be open until at least mid-June.

Mind you, heat is something to respect. I learned this the hard way several years ago, when I got heatstroke for the only time in my life. It took me over an hour in an air-conditioned mall to bring my body temperature out of the danger zone.

And it’s hard to believe that, just a week and a half ago, we were all wearing our winter jackets because it was cold out.

This is pretty much my favourite time of the year, by the way. The days are still getting longer and the warm weather is ahead of us. The summer is great, but I’m always aware that it is short.

The Song Of The Day is “Dream About Me” by Moby. I understand why the critics hated the Hotel album: Moby’s lyrics aren’t exceptionally deep or profound, and some of the songs are painful to listen to. But there’s about half a dozen songs on that album that got me through a difficult time in my life, and I can’t help but be grateful.




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