Canada Day

2 07 2010

When I went bicycling yesterday (Canada Day) morning, I noticed a lot of people wearing T-shirts with the Canadian flag on them, or carrying little Canadian flags (given out at the East York Canada Day parade) or displaying Canadian flags in their windows. While I am not especially worshipful of The Flag – I took semantics in high school, so I never confuse the map with the territory – I recalled that I actually own a full-size Canadian flag that a friend of mine gave me several years ago. I thought to myself: let’s put the flag on display somewhere where it can be seen! O Canada, glorious and free!

Unfortunately, there was no obvious way to hang my flag off my balcony railing – the flag was meant to be hung on a flagpole, not tied to something. So I had to settle for looping string through each end and tying the string to the curtain rod for my window curtains (which reminded me yet again that I am approximately the least handy person in the history of the universe – at least I didn’t injure myself). Because the flag was behind my apartment windows, and nine floors up, no one could see it but me. But at least I knew it was there. I felt a wee bit more patriotic; happy birthday Canada and all that.




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