Public service announcement

7 08 2010

I just want to mention something here: if you’re planning on attending Taste Of The Danforth this weekend, do not attempt to drive there.

I live one block west of Broadview and Danforth, and I have a view of the Bloor-Danforth Viaduct, which, as I type this, is entirely full of cars not moving eastwards in any hurry. And there’s no parking in the neighbourhood: just now, I went to get a pizza slice, and all the side streets were full of cars driving back and forth, aimlessly, trying in vain to find a space somewhere.

I am positively overwhelmed by how crowded this event has become now. I was on a subway heading to Broadview station at about 6:00. By my estimate, several hundred people got off the train at Broadview. Multiply that by a subway train every few minutes, plus the people who get out at Chester or Pape, and there must be thousands and thousands of people walking around in my neighbourhood right now.

I don’t dislike the event as much as some of my neighbours do (one woman who lives on my floor ranted about it to me in the elevator just now). As somebody once pointed out to me, the restaurants in the neighbourhood make a whole lot of money this weekend, which is why I am able to pick up takeout souvlaki at reasonable prices the rest of the year.

And I usually brave the crowds at least once a year – usually either Friday evening or Sunday lunchtime. (You couldn’t pay me enough to go out there now, though.) I have a yearly ritual: I buy a fruit crepe from Mocha Mocha, a spinach pie from one of the nearby bakeries, and then a gyros or two from whoever’s line isn’t too long. I then go home, relieved to be somewhere that fewer people happen to be.




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