Cat on a hot tin roof (literally)

11 08 2010

I was walking in the Annex today (I work near there), when I saw a cat sitting on top of a car that was slowly being driven out of a parking space. I burst out laughing – I couldn’t help it – as the expression on the cat’s face could be summarized by the following word: “Huh?”

The man driving the car rolled down his window, and asked me to remove the cat from his roof. Which I did. The cat did not object in the slightest to having a strange man lift him off the car and onto the nearby lawn – I got the impression that the cat had last formed a fully coherent thought in about 2003. Though he became a bit more lively when I almost hit him with my knapsack when I put him down. I wish I had had a chance to take a photo – it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks.

It is, as Brian Eno would say in a different context, just another day on earth.




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