Duelling firewalls

17 08 2010

My computer has a whole lot of firewall software on it, as a by-product of various installations over the past few months. I normally use Norton’s firewall, and it seems to be working. But my computer also comes with a Windows firewall, and recently I installed software that came with a minimal McAfee firewall as well.

Great, you might think, my computer is now uber-protected. The problem is that I really only need one firewall active; since I’m using Norton, I’ve turned off the Windows firewall software, and I’ve never activated the McAfee firewall. This means that, on startup, Windows and McAfee detect that their firewalls are not activated, and pop up Large Scary Warnings saying, in effect, that my computer is wide open to attack by badass elite Visigoth hacker dudes.

My humble request of firewall manufacturers is: look out for each other. If I’ve got another firewall installed, I don’t need yours. So there.




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