Woodbine South woes

31 08 2010

So I decided to head down to the beach after work today (to commemorate the end of summer, which is always the saddest time of the year for me). Usually, I take the subway to Woodbine and the bus down. When I got to Woodbine, the station was crowded with people waiting to take the bus – more people than could comfortably fit on it. So I went to Main Street, took a virtually empty Main bus down, then walked over.

When going home, I had to wait quite a while for the Woodbine South bus, and slowly began to realize that there was only one bus servicing the entire route – on a hot summer night, when there are going to be hundreds and hundreds of people taking it to the subway. I was waiting at the first stop, and even got a seat, but by the time it got to Queen it was so full that the driver couldn’t let anyone on. Presumably, those unlucky people would have to wait until the bus came all the way around again, only to discover that it was full of yet another load of beachgoers. And so on, and so on.

Minus five points to the TTC for not sorting this out, but you have to feel sorry for the bus driver, who would have had to spend his whole evening ferrying busfuls of cranky passengers. When he let our busful off at Woodbine station, he got on the intercom and thanked us all for our patience. Which was an example of grace under pressure.




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