Take that, Sweden

11 10 2010

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a mass cleanup and reorganize of everything, as various external events forced me to realize that this was a Good Thing. Cleaning and reorganizing is better than yoga if you’re looking for a total body workout – at the end of some days, I feel really really wrung out.

This weekend, thanks to AutoShare, I was able to go out and buy not one but two 6-drawer chests of drawers from IKEA. And I was able to successfully assemble them – following all 26 outlined steps – even though the installation instructions recommended that this was a 2-person job. (At least, that’s what I think the illustration was saying. Or perhaps it was saying that installation is such a stressful process that it is best to have a friend there to provide moral support and/or beer. Who knows?) Anyway, it’s done now. I have triumphed over Swedish furniture technology, and I have a lot of space to put stuff.

Totally unrelated to anything – I love this band, and I didn’t find out until very recently that they played in Toronto in September. If I had known, I would have gone.

This song is awesome – the harmonies are wonderful.




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