Vote early and vote often!

25 10 2010

Today is municipal election day in Toronto. If I had forgotten this, I would have been reminded of it last night: I live in a 21-story highrise, so I often get door-to-door visits from candidates, and two of the three main candidates for councillor knocked on my door last night.

One of the two candidates is endorsed by NDP leader Jack Layton, who also happens to be the MP in my riding. Layton went canvassing with the candidate, so I had the surprising experience of having a federal party leader knock on my door while I was eating pizza. I wasn’t sure whether he would want to shake hands with me or not, so I warned him that my hand was covered with pizza goo.

After I voted today, I wound up running into the councillor candidate that I voted for (I think she and her husband live in the neighbourhood). I recognized her from her canvassing visit last night, but didn’t tell her that I voted for her, as I didn’t want to seem like a suckup. She asked me whether I had voted, and I said that I had.

I always vote whenever I get the chance. It’s my civic duty, and it’s my one chance to have influence on how my city, my province or my country is run. Besides, I always feel good after I vote.

If you haven’t voted yet, please do so.




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