Getting away

14 11 2010

Today, I got a car through Autoshare for a few hours and went for a drive. I discovered that the easiest way to get out of Toronto and into a non-urban environment is to drive north and east: basically, I went along Steeles Avenue until I stopped seeing houses, then found a place to pull over and just sit for a bit.

I wasn’t that far out of the city, though, because I can use Google Street View to display the place where I stopped: it was Reesor Road north of highway 407. After I started driving again, I noticed that, a few hundred feet further north, they are building a ring road (the Donald Cousens Parkway) that is intended to surround the subdivision that will eventually be built there. On my way back, I took the parkway – it was strange being on a suburban arterial road with a 70 km/h speed limit in the middle of nowhere.

The road is so new that Google Maps isn’t quite up to date yet – it shows the Donald Cousens Parkway as ending at highway 407, but it now goes a bit further south and ends at a Walmart. (Donald Cousens was a former mayor of Markham. If you’re really curious, the road has a Wikipedia page.)




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