Here comes the rain

23 11 2010

This morning, I had to wait until the fourth Bloor-Danforth subway train before I could get going westbound, as the first three were full; I barely got on the fourth. As I stood on the train, jam packed with my fellow humans, I noticed that someone had written a slogan on painter’s tape and attached it above the nearby subway door:

If you can’t read that (my cellphone doesn’t take great pictures), it reads: “Civilization requires slaves… how much is your time worth?”

The same sloganeer added another one to the doorway side entrance:

This one reads: “Which are you drinking – the water or the wave?”

While uploading these photos from my iPhone, I found this old one, taken on Bloor Street West near Bay about a month ago:

There ain’t no way I’m going into this store.

While running errands at lunchtime, this song came up on my iPod – it’s a perfect breakup song, as that’s pretty much exactly what it feels like:

I also ran across this, which goes with the one above, and is the only really good song that Sonny and Cher ever did (in my opinion):

And completely unrelated to anything in this post so far is this song by Frank Zappa, which I heard when I went out to get burritos for dinner. I include it because everyone should listen to this song at least once.

“Some people like cupcakes better. I, for one, care less for them.”




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