Livestock lifting?

7 12 2010

I am on the Groupon Toronto mailing list, which means that once a day I receive an email message offering a deep group discount on some product, service or activity. Today’s group discount was for a yoga studio in north Toronto, and I gather that the person who wrote the ad copy for it doesn’t take it or the yoga studio all that seriously. Relevant excerpts:

In its constant attempt to stay fit, humanity has given in to such unfortunate workout trends as livestock lifting, Spazzercise, and mixed-martial charades.

[Name of studio] presents patrons with access to high-quality instruction, a result of the specialization of classes and the teachers’ unsubstantiated ties to the royal family.

And, finally:

Class sizes range from 5–40 people depending on the size of participants’ auras.

Zing! Mind you, the studio in question doesn’t offer classes on days when the moon is either full or new, so they might be a bit too far out there for some skeptical Westerners.

By the way, if you’re wondering what music was like before somebody invented punk rock, look no further:

The Focus were from the Netherlands, and recorded this song in 1971. A shortened version of this song was a hit in North America in 1973. Here is the band performing the song live on British TV in 1972:

And if that isn’t enough, you can watch this song as a Wallace and Gromit video.

According to Wikipedia (the research source of choice for the lazy blogger), “Hocus Pocus” has been covered by Iron Maiden, The Vandals, Marillion, and violinist Vanessa Mae.




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