Baseball pictures from the past

10 01 2011

I’m still slowly working away on digitizing old negatives. I’ve found a few baseball-related pictures already, such as this one of Cleveland Indians batting coach Bobby Bonds hitting at Fenway Park during a pregame warmup in 1987:

Here’s Kelly Gruber at Tiger Stadium in 1990:

The famous scoreboard at Wrigley Field, also in 1990:

And a house just outside Wrigley Field, whose front window is 455 feet from home plate:

I went back to Chicago this past summer, and all of the houses outside the ballpark now have seating on top of them and appear to be owned by corporations.

Here’s a band entertaining fans before a Jays game at Exhibition Stadium in 1987:

And here are fans waiting for Exhibition Stadium’s North Grandstand to open, before the same game:

The gates used to open an hour and a half before game time.

While listening to my iPhone on my way home from work, this song came on:

Which reminded me of this song, which also says less than nice things about Los Angeles:

To the best of my knowledge, the Stranglers’ “Dead Loss Angeles” is the only song I’ve ever heard that had two bass guitars playing at once.




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