Destroying and downloading

31 01 2011

On one of my old iTunes playlists, I found this song, which I downloaded a few years ago back when allowed unlimited downloads:

“I’m Down Right Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer” is quite possibly the best song title ever.

Speaking of downloading: this is the time of the month during which I download as much as I can, as a new monthly 60GB quota starts up for me on the 2nd of each month. I figure I might as well use up my allotment, since I am paying for it.

It’s worth pointing out that people who download music and movies from the Internet aren’t, strictly speaking, stealing it: they’re just paying Internet service providers instead of paying record companies and movie studios. Which leads me to what seems like an obvious question: why haven’t large media companies bought out large Internet service providers? Isn’t that where the money is coming from nowadays?




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