Why you should not vote for Stephen Harper

31 03 2011

I’ll get straight to the point here – I believe that Stephen Harper is a threat to democracy in Canada. The choice in the upcoming election is simple: do we want one-man rule, or don’t we?

Instead of trying to persuade you to believe as I do, I have provided a list of links to articles describing the events that have led me to believe what I believe. I have tried to use the most neutral news source possible in all cases (most of these links are to Globe and Mail articles – the Globe endorsed Harper in both 2006 and 2008).

Please take the time to make an informed choice, and please vote. Your country needs you.

The Conservative government is the first government in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament (for refusing to reveal the cost of its planned crime bills):

Conservative minister Bev Oda has admitted that she lied to Parliament, and narrowly escaped being found in contempt of Parliament.

Are cabinet ministers misusing federal government resources for partisan purposes?

Internal government directives insist that the Government of Canada be referred to as the “Harper Government”:

In Parliament, Conservative cabinet ministers often are not allowed to answer questions:

The government is spending millions of dollars on Economic Action Plan ads, which are thinly disguised partisan advertising. More taxpayers’ money has been spent on ads in three months than major advertisers normally spend in a year:

The Conservatives recently attacked Michael Ignatieff’s father:

In the current election campaign, Stephen Harper is limiting the press to five questions per campaign stop, and is not explaining why:

The Conservatives are proposing harsher punishments and more prisons, even though the crime rate is falling and “tough on crime” measures have proven ineffective:

Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament in 2009 to avoid questions on the Afghan detainee issue:

Dona Cadman, Conservative MP, alleged that two Conservatives offered her late husband a million dollar life insurance policy to vote to bring down Paul Martin’s Liberal government:

In response to the Cadman incident, Harper sued Stephane Dion and the Liberals for defamation of character – the only time a prime minister has ever sued a political opponent:

In recent campaign speeches, Harper has repeatedly raised the spectre of a “Bloc/NDP/Liberal coalition”, and has implied that a coalition not containing the first-place Conservatives would be illegitimate. However, he was himself in favour of a coalition in 1997:

The Conservatives claim that the new fighter jets that they plan to purchase will cost $15 billion. The Parliamentary budget watchdog says that the cost is actually $29.3 billion:

The Harper Conservatives want to make the long-form census voluntary. Here’s why the mandatory long-form census is important:

Here are details from Wikipedia on the “in and out” election scandal, which may have made the difference in the 2006 election:

The government lobby in the House of Commons contains numerous photographs of Harper:

Elizabeth May accused Harper of cheating during the 2008 election debate:

The view from Australia (written by a Canadian): “Canada watches its democracy erode”:

Feel free to distribute this note as widely as possible. Thank you.




5 responses

31 03 2011
Harry Heatherington

The fact that I voted for Olivia Chow – who I despise with a passion – should tell you how much I agree with this.

But I refuse to call them the Conservatives – they are the Reform Party and always will be, the racist, Toronto-hating, lying neocons.

1 04 2011

Hey, Dave! Has your blog gone wild? I saw at least 7 people on my Facebook share this, and some of them don’t even know you!

3 04 2011

It looks like I got a total of about 200 hits on the page (I usually get about 15). At one point, my dashboard told me I had 800 hits – I guess their stats thingy got screwed up.

If even one person chooses not to vote for the Conservatives after reading my research, I will consider it a job well done.

15 04 2011

Hey Dave, thanks man. I have posted your blog on the good ol’ FB This is going somewhere.

21 04 2011
Uncle B

Thanks Dave. Canada does not need failed American style ‘Super prisons’ a la Harper, all science agrees they do not work! Canada needs rehabilitation asylums, and lots of medically trained staff, (Canadian jobs) to help unbend the bent minds, and they will get very good, very efficient at it with practice. They must also examine, record, discover the sociological reasons behind each so-called ‘criminal’ mind, and adjust society in preventative ways to eliminate or at least drastically reduce how many are fomented, even adjusting school curriculum, social norms, social abuses, if needed. This is the expensive way, the way that works.
Canada does not need jet airplanes, defensive or offensive ones! We are already under a watchful, almost paranoid, American eye. American airbases abound in Canada, North Bay Ontario has one, even had American Bomarc missiles at one time, Valdor Quebec has an American air-base, still operational, we are part of the Sage complex, Raymore Ontario still an American base? Why the jet planes? In fact, American drones even patrol our borders, and their satellites patrol from above! Did somebody enter a tacit agreement? Is there a cushy retirement job in the offing? Just where in Hell does Harper threaten to go if he doesn’t get a majority anyway?
Canada has the richest, proven oil deposits in the world, bar non! We have more oil than all Saudi Arabia combined! Simple application of a Chinese designed plutonium free, fail-safe, Thorium fueled nuclear reactor, to provide energy for oil extraction can double output, and sell as a secondary industry, the effect of the reactors, the energy from them piped to Americans – even the pipeline to the U.S., for such a scheme is in the works as we speak! Should we give this oil away to Yankee Doodle and Harper’s corporate friends – Hell No! Even China is willing to pay world prices in unmanipulated Yuan! Not Yankee Doodle, manipulated, fiat, over-printed, unbacked, not even by manufacturing, funny money!
Will Canada ever go to Harper’s ‘Two Tier’ medical care bull Shiite? Like the Americans have? No! We will go to the far left from Harper on this, and add full dental care to medical care, for all Canadians! Healthy populations usually produce at lower costs, and are for the bigger part happy folk! Look to Sweden, Norway! Canadians are not Americans, we do not have their fine climate,longer growing seasons, cheaper food, we struggle a little harder for less glorious life-styles, we have higher moral, ethical, values, and we have no wish to bec0me more like Americans! We tend to admire even Denmark, Wind energy exporter to Europe! Harper doesn’t seem to understand this, he thinks we want American values here in this Colder more Northern country – the ass-hole!
Arse-hole Harper, preaches austerity to the masses, taxes them, and grants give-aways to Corporations who cannot vote, and have little sway in Canadian politics. Canada is the richest country in the world! We have enough Uranium alone to justify our modest standard of living, we have more oil today than all OPEC combined! We do not have to starve in the dark and scrimp and save , be taxed to our axles, and hand bribe-money to corporations to build factories here! This is Bull Shiite! Corporations will come here for clean, cheap, plentiful processing water, large, cheap, well serviced, fully reactor supplied, regular, dependable, electricity, almost free land, political stability, healthy, dependable, well educated, willing workers with good food supplies, moral backgrounds, work ethic. If not, which country wants them? Harper misses the mark again!
Canada can afford to develop its own industries! Remember the auto pact? What else can we regulate in such a fashion as to be fair and profitable to Canada at the same time?
Please! Somebody! Relieve, or confirm my paranoid suspicions, but I feel Western Canadian business folk did not do good oil deals, I feel Canadian oil is going south of the border for much less than current World prices, I feel screwed already. Just what kind of deals were cut? Harper will never tell, after all, he is a corporate agent?
Canada is still a Democracy. America is not! They lost their Democracy to insidious unregulated capitalists, corporatists, decades ago. They are now a pariah corpocracy, a failing one. Canada must be cautious, not expect fair business practices, must not loan money, must not extend credit, to this dieing economy. Harper would do otherwise! He even propped up GM! Socialist styled give a ways to corporations, a la American! Canada cannot afford such folly! We can, however, encourage, by auto pact style regulations, China, or even Japan, to come with their factories, assembly plants, to use our clean water, cheap electricity, healthy workers, to build cars, for sale in Canada, even for U.S. markets, here in Canada.

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