April in Toronto

23 04 2011

In Southern Ontario, we get all sorts of interesting weather. In the winter, reading wind-chill warnings can be a form of entertainment. “Exposed flesh can freeze in less than half an hour! Great – let’s go tobogganing!” And, in the summer, we get lots of heat and humidity: instead of reading scary wind-chill warnings, we switch to reading scary humidex readings. I like this variety; most places in the world have weather that is too boring. (Then again, I would probably be happy to move someplace warm and be a beach bum year round. Sadly, I cannot afford this.)

For people who want a sample of our weather, April is probably the best month, because you can get literally anything, sometimes within days of each other. This week is an example: Thursday, it was cold enough that I saw snowflakes on the way to work, and today it was warm enough to be outside in shirtsleeves. Actually, the change was more abrupt than that: this morning, the temperature was 7C at 10 am, and rose to 15C one hour later. It’s as if Mother Nature belatedly remembered to flip the switch labelled “Spring”.

Here’s a good springlike song that came up on my iTunes while I was out on my balcony. The 1980s retro ska sound works for me.




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