My first French spam!

1 05 2011

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to mention that I got my first spam written in French! Here it is:


Je m’appelle [name withheld] et je suis a la recherche de sites de jeux en ligne. Je m’adresse à vous parce que je pense que votre site pourrait bénéficier d’un échange de liens de qualité avec notre réseau de sites. Ce type de partenariat gratuit peut donner de véritables résultats en termes de référencement.

Merci de me contacter pour élaborer un projet d’echange de liens gagnant-gagnant.

My limited French tells me (and Babelfish confirms) that this is a request for a link exchange. I love it that French has the word “gagnant-gagnant” in it – this sounds much better than the English equivalent of “win-win”.

The surge in popularity of the NDP (also known as the “Orange Crush’) is, of course, the biggest news of the seemingly endless election campaign. Many of my Facebook friends have changed their profile pictures to something NDP-related – so many that I don’t think I want to, even if I decide to vote NDP – I am not a joiner by temperament.

Some things that pro-NDP people have said about Layton and his party, or that have occurred to me:

  • Provincial NDP governments have successfully balanced budgets. (To which some have countered that the federal NDP has different policies than their provincial counterparts.)
  • Layton will listen to other people and will change his mind if something isn’t working (this seems a strong selling point to me)
  • While many NDP candidates aren’t exactly experienced politicians (one Quebec candidate, infamously, spent a lot of the campaign vacationing in Las Vegas), it’s not as if the Conservatives have a great deal of experience.
  • The NDP may be bad with money, but the Conservatives aren’t exactly fiscally prudent either.
  • If Quebec voters turn from the Bloc to the NDP, it will be good news: the province will be more engaged federally.

I’ll be curious to see what happens tomorrow (though I will be deeply unhappy if the Conservatives get a majority).

P.S.: Vote!




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