We’ll see

3 05 2011

This is what I wrote on my Facebook page this morning:

Harper has achieved his life’s dream – a majority government, and the virtual annihilation of the Liberal Party. One can only hope that he remembers that, even now, he only has the support of 40% of Canadians, and one can only hope that he will use this absolute power wisely. I fear the worst, but you never know.

By the way, this is probably the last politics-related post that I will write for some time (unless Harper eliminates the CBC or Parliament or something like that). I will probably go back to writing random stuff about music or trivia, and go back to having about 8 blog views a day 🙂 – so be it.




One response

3 05 2011
Uncle B

No! No! No! Not time to jump ship! Time to realize the new Canadian battle! Harper may have his majority government but NDP are the new, official opposition, and may prove very difficult indeed for Harper! The American shill is finally gone, back to Harvard probably, Duceppe, King of the Separatists vanquished, we now have a stage set for astounding changes in Canada. The magic milestone for all Canadians, the real history here, the crumbling of Separatism in Quebec! We must form welcome home parties for all Quebecers, we must not desert French Canada in its finest hours of good decision! We must welcome our prodigal sons into the riches of our nation!
Labor is about to exercise its mighty muscle in Canada, a country that has not experienced the union busting American style! Watch for strong labor-union rallies in the streets! Watch for health care workers civil employees to form great rallies!
Not a time to quit on Canadian politics just yet, even a cocky self assured Harper still walks on glass, and can face NDP escalation!

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