You won’t want to miss this

12 05 2011

If you are a Blue Jays fan, or even if you are only remotely interested in baseball, you owe it to yourself to watch Jose Bautista play as much as you can. I don’t know how long it will last, but he’s having a very special season right now.

The two statistics that best measure how good a hitter is are on-base percentage and slugging percentage. And Bautista is clearly better than everybody else in the American League in both categories. Compare him to the #2 player in both:

On-base: Bautista .515, Miguel Cabrera .443
Slugging: Bautista .760, Curtis Granderson .639

That first number is the most startling: he’s reaching base over half the time. Nobody does that, except Barry Bonds when he was (allegedly) pumped full of various interesting chemicals.

The thing is, this isn’t going to last forever. He might get hurt, or something might throw off his timing. So watch him now while you can.




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