Be ever on guard!

21 05 2011

One of the most wonderful things on the Internet is Google Books’ complete collection of Life magazines, starting in the 1930s. This evening, I was looking at an issue from 1937 (March 19, to be exact), and found this copy from a Listerine ad:

How Career Girls overcome the greatest handicap to success

Business… the stage… teaching… other professions… each is a field sizzling with fierce competition in which no quarter is asked and none given.

Who has the better chance of getting ahead – a girl whose breath is sweet and fresh or one whose breath is a continual offense to others?

Be Ever On Guard

Common sense gives you the answer. Today only the dull and stupid fail to recognize the threat of halitosis (bad breath) and the harm it can do. The fastidious, the intelligent appraise it for what it is – a constant menace that may be present one day and absent the next. They are continually on guard against it.

If you like old ads – and you should! – you might enjoy this collection of ads from the 1920s and 1930s that I put together a few years ago: So, Unafraid, He Faced The Setting Sun. These ads were taken from newspapers (printed from microfiche) and cleaned up a bit using Photoshop.




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