Crothers Woods

1 06 2011

One of my favourite places in Toronto is the Crothers Woods area of the Don River valley.  (To get there, follow the Don River bike path north of Pottery Road to where there is a three-way branch; at present, this is where the construction fencing ends. Hang a left, and you’re there.) When I was a kid, the Domtar paper factory was there, and the smell was awful; a while back, the plant closed, and the area was allowed to revert to its natural state.

Whenever I go there, I look for the abandoned shopping cart. It’s been there for years. It’s still there:

I have no idea why somebody would drag a shopping cart all the way from a grocery store to here – the nearest store is several kilometres from this spot. No one has ever wanted to drag it back, so it remains here, gradually rusting away.

Apart from these concrete blocks and the shopping cart, there’s very little sign of human activity in Crothers Woods:

If it weren’t for the power lines, and the lamp posts for the Don Valley Parkway in the distance, you could be out in the country somewhere. (This land will never be developed because it is on the Don River’s flood plain.)

One of the paths in Crothers Woods leads you to the Bayview Extension. The view on the way up is postcard pretty in places:

The best part is that all of this is within walking distance of where I live. I win at life.




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