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15 06 2011

I was on the way home on the subway and, on the platform, there was an intense-looking person in his twenties who was pacing back and forth agitatedly. When the subway arrived, he sat down and started repeatedly shuffling a deck of cards. It was one of those moments where you want to keep an eye out in case something strange happens, but you don’t want to make eye contact and get drawn into his world. After a stop or two, I got up and moved a couple of seats away – I pretended to stretch a bit, as if the reason I was moving was because my new seat was oh so much more comfortable.

Sorry to any Vancouver hockey fans who happen to be reading this – I grew up in Toronto, so I am nominally a Leafs fan, and our team experiences its annual disappointment at the end of winter (or sometimes in November). I say “nominally” because the Leafs have been bad for most of my life – and not only bad, but unappealing. Besides, hockey isn’t that exciting to watch – most offensive moves are broken up by efficient defenders, so many games consist of endless neutral zone turnovers. I know that this is heresy here in Canada, but: zzzzzz.




One response

16 06 2011

All those Vancouver fans got pretty upset with you, Dave, but thankfully, they couldn’t find you so they torched their downtown instead.

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