Summer solstice

21 06 2011

June 21st always makes me feel a bit weird. It’s both the start of something and the end of something. It’s the official start of summer, which is the best time of the year. But it’s also the longest day of the year, which means that 2011 is all grown up now. The days start getting shorter from here on out. I am old enough now that when a significant day such as this occurs in the calendar, I recall how many of these I have already seen, and I wonder how many more of them I will get to see.

My most vivid summer solstice memory is from about 1995 or so. I was down by the lakefront; specifically, I was at the waterfront park just east of the Harbour Castle Westin, which contained a mini-boardwalk that was built of small wooden planks. That day, on impulse, I tossed a penny into the lake, as if to ask the gods what fate had in store for me. I then turned to head home, and almost immediately tripped on one of the wooden planks and fell forward. I wasn’t seriously injured, but my hip was sore for several days. I felt that the gods had answered my question. And, as it happened, that year turned out to be not a particularly good one for me.

2011 has been a difficult year for me on a few fronts. (In particular: as I write this, I am getting over a nasty stomach bug which is mostly but not completely gone.) If the gods are sending me a message this year, I guess it would be:

  • Some things in life are beyond my control; I just have to deal with that.
  • Better opportunities are out there, and it is up to me to find them.

Apologies for this slightly self-absorbed entry – I will go back to doing music links and stuff in subsequent postings. I hope you are enjoying the day, even if you’re not doing something suitably symbolic.




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