Heat wave

20 07 2011

As you might have noticed, it’s a bit warmer than usual in these parts. I actually like hot weather, though not when it’s hot enough to risk heatstroke (which I nearly got once – never again). But I agree with my friend Harry, who says that you are allowed to complain about only one type of weather. If you spend all of January and February complaining about the cold, you are not allowed to bitch about the heat. Given a choice, I’d much rather have July weather than January weather. (I may feel differently tomorrow if we have rotating blackouts due to the humidex, which has been threatened, apparently.)

For some reason, I thought of this song today – “The Promise”:

My first searches for this yielded YouTube videos that claimed that this song was by Depeche Mode. It took a bit more searching to discover that it was by a band named When In Rome. Live and learn.




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