Always enter the store by the front door, dear.

4 09 2011

I love old Life magazines, and today I was reminded why. Here’s a bit from the August 23, 1937 edition:

Mrs. Bradford Hutchinson (whose real first name we never learn) was officially a very beautiful woman – Physical Culture magazine picked her as one of the five most beautiful in America, and they would not lie to us.

Mr. Hutchinson, according to this caption, was so proud of his wife’s beauty “that he requires her always to enter the store by the front door so that customers can get a good look at her.” Am I the only one that hopes that Mrs. Bradford eventually ran off with one of those customers?

Bradford Jr., pictured in the second photo, is 74 now if he is still alive. I wonder if he learned that Life magazine told the world that his mother was beautiful.




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