Changing things around

21 09 2011

Hi. I’ve decided to change things around a bit. For the past year, most of my blog entries have been music-related. (To be honest, most of them have been links to YouTube pages. I am not exceptionally industrious.) I’ve decided to put all of these in a separate blog,, and leave this blog for personal rants and other non-music stuff. I’ll continue to post music links in the new music blog reasonably often, and will post here infrequently.

All of my music links will (eventually) be deleted from this blog, and should be over there. So if you’re here for the music links, please subscribe to that blog; if you want non-music stuff, please stay on the line.




2 responses

10 10 2011

Why did you do this? It seems unnecessary to have two blogs. I’ll subscribe to both, of course, but for a while I was wondering what had happened to the music stuff!

14 10 2011

Craig: this fall, I was looking for work as a technical writer (I start a new job on Monday), and I wanted to have examples of actual writing available, in case anyone wanted proof that I could organize my thoughts and write more-or-less coherent sentences. The music-related entries are often just links, so I wanted to factor them out and move them elsewhere.

I only have about half a dozen readers anyway – if my site stats are to be believed – so it’s not like I have an enormous reader base that is likely to be confused by my blog restructuring 🙂

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