Blue Jays 2011: Adam Lind

11 12 2011

This was the year that we were supposed to finally get the answer to the question: which is the real Adam Lind? The 2009 Lind, who batted .305 with 35 home runs, won the Silver Slugger award, and picked up a few votes at the low end of the MVP ballot (he finished 15th)? Or the 2010 Lind, who had an on-base percentage of .287 and often looked overmatched at the plate?

Sadly, for the most part, the 2011 Lind was equivalent to the 2010 Lind:

2010: .237 BA, .287 OBP, .425 SLG
2011: .251 BA, .295 OBP, .439 SLG

Those numbers look pretty much the same. And, to make things worse, he hit .197 after the All-Star break, with an on-base percentage of .233. Those figures aren’t good enough for a backup middle infielder, let alone your starting first baseman. Based on this, you might reasonably conclude that Lind is toast, or at best might serve as a platoon combination with Edwin Encarnacion.

But then there’s June, in which Lind hit .311 with 9 home runs and 11 walks. In that month, he looked like the Good Adam Lind of 2009. So there might still be a great hitter trapped in there somewhere, like Rapunzel locked in the tower. It appears as if we’re going to need another year to find out if that great hitter can be set free.




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