Blue Jays 2011: Mike McCoy

24 12 2011

By now, Mike McCoy is more than familiar with flying from Las Vegas to Toronto and back again, to put it mildly. Here is a list of his promotions and demotions in 2011, from the MSN Fox Sports transactions list, which was the most accurate one that I could find:

  • demoted April 9
  • promoted April 15
  • demoted April 17
  • promoted April 23
  • demoted May 7
  • promoted May 21
  • demoted May 22
  • promoted May 28
  • demoted June 23
  • promoted July 3
  • demoted July 28
  • promoted August 15

For those of you keeping track, that’s six separate demotions, each of which was followed by a subsequent promotion. I’m reasonably certain that, by the end of it all, various airport personnel got to know him by first name.

Despite all of the yo-yoing, McCoy got over 250 plate appearances in the big leagues this year. Unfortunately, his batting average was .198, and this is the number that people tend to notice first. It wasn’t as bad as it looks, though: he walked quite often, stole 12 bases in 14 tries, and played anywhere in the infield or outfield that he was asked to play. And you have to wonder whether he might hit a little better if he was given the opportunity to play baseball for the same home team for a period longer than, say, three weeks.




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