Everlasting love and hey, let’s twist

20 03 2012

I think I’ve mentioned before that I love videos from the 1960s. The world was a different place then. As an example, here’s Jo Ann Campbell performing a song from the movie “Hey, Let’s Twist” (released in 1962):

My first thought was that this is the sort of thing that led to the rise of feminism. (My second thought, I must confess, was that Ms. Campbell looks good in that girdle.)

Jo Ann Campbell was a dancer before starting a recording career, and left show business in 1964 when she married Troy Seals (brother of Jim Seals of “Seals and Crofts” fame).

When looking for something else, I ran across the original version of “Everlasting Love”, a song that has been recorded by Carl Carlton and U2, among others. This is Robert Knight’s version, which was released in 1968:

This version has more soul than the other versions I have heard. And I love the kitchen-sink production – how many instruments were playing on this song?




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