There’s a robot on line 2 for you…

20 03 2012

I haven’t been following politics much since the last federal election – it’s too depressing to contemplate. The Harper Government has been pretty much doing what it said it was going to do, and I don’t particularly like any of it.

But I have been following the robo-call scandal with great interest. If someone has been attempting voter suppression, it’s election fraud, which is very serious. If whoever did it is allowed to get away with it, we might as well just say goodbye to democracy in Canada. Which might please certain Conservatives or their followers, who are totally focused on ensuring that Blue Team beats Red Team and Orange Team, and aren’t particularly concerned about anything other than the arena.

If the Conservatives genuinely have nothing to do with the scandal, as Stephen Harper claims, they should be willing to hold an independent public inquiry to determine who was responsible for the election fraud. This person or people should then be tried and sentenced, as election fraud is illegal. Since the Conservatives are not willing to do that, it’s hard not to think they are the ones responsible for the election fraud. Which is scary to contemplate.




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