It’s about the baseball

22 04 2012

Random thoughts on the 2012 Blue Jays so far:

  • The infield defense is wonderful. Brett Lawrie goes to his left very well and has tremendously quick reactions, so he gets everything hit near him. Escobar and Johnson also have good range, and Johnson turns the double-play pivot quickly. In the outfield, Rasmus and Davis have good range, Bautista has average range but a very good arm, and Thames… well, no team is perfect. The result is a whole lot of pitchers who think they’re about to surrender hits but get outs instead. You think that doesn’t give them confidence?
  • Brett Lawrie is worth the price of admission all by himself. His tremendous athleticism and enthusiasm are a joy to watch. Sure, he’s enduring some growing pains – his OBP isn’t high right now – but he’s going to get better. And he hasn’t gotten hurt yet.
  • The whole team is playing with enthusiasm. They clearly enjoy what they’re doing. There’s little things to watch out for. For example, when the outfielders signal “two out” in the traditional fashion – by waving the index finger and little finger in the air – they do it with style. And watch the outfielders at the end of a game that the Jays have won: they run towards each other and then do a little leap in unison. Whenever I see it, I rewind it to watch it a couple of times. It adds lightness to my heart.
  • They’re clearly better than the Kansas City Royals, at least. And, based on early results, they might be better than Boston.



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