More bicycling

22 04 2012

Just a bicycling update:

  • I’m closer to my goal of being able to bicycle 50 km on June 3rd. I got up to 33 km today. The secret I learned today was to look up which way the wind is blowing, and then set out in that direction first. Today’s wind was from the northeast, so I bicycled to the Gatineau bike trail (which ends at Kennedy north of Eglinton) and back. (The Gatineau trail is a good place to go if you want to be alone in the city – hardly anyone goes there.) The first half of the trip was tiring, but I could practically coast home at times. I guess this means that I am hoping that we get a northeast wind on The Day.
  • I am beginning to understand why long-distance cyclists wear those funny-looking tight-fitting shorts. I thought it was just vanity, but I suspect that a good pair of shorts would prevent chafing in, um, certain areas. I won’t be riding for long enough to need them – and I would look like a Total Dork in them – but at least I get the point now.
  • As I get to going longer distances, I will need to start planning my route in advance, so that I can go to interesting or different places in the city and/or avoid nasty hills (unless I want to tackle them).
  • Apparently, I’m in better shape now – some of my relatives saw me last week, and asked whether I had lost weight. I haven’t, but I guess it might be better distributed now. I was so hungry tonight that I ate a lot of pizza, which might spoil that. Oh well.



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