My knapsack has a lot of things in it

6 05 2012

Most places I go, my knapsack goes with me – it was made by Mountain Equipment Co-op, and it’s virtually indestructible. Because I’m a bit of a pack rat, things tend to accumulate in it. Here’s what I have in it right now:

  • Two library books to read – I always carry two in case I get bored of the first one – sometimes I have three on the go
  • An Apple iPod battery charger – this is temporary because the one I keep at work is falling apart, so I am bringing in a replacement
  • Sunscreen, in a separate plastic bag in case the top bursts (I ruined an old knapsack that way)
  • An umbrella – there have been days when I have needed both the sunscreen and the umbrella – I love Southern Ontario weather
  • My digital camera – it’s good to have that always with me, as you never know when a good photo opportunity will come up
  • An Allen key
  • A total of 4 pens
  • A pencil sharpener
  • Two portable flash drives (I didn’t realize the second one was in there – I thought it was lost)
  • My prescription sunglasses
  • A mini AM-FM radio for listening to Jays games while away from home – its reception isn’t good, unfortunately
  • A bottle of ibuprofen tablets that expires this October
  • A TTC transit map
  • Two booklets of Toronto public library branch locations (I forgot I already had one when I got the second)
  • An almost-empty plastic bag containing a small container of dental floss – I think I brought it for a job interview last year or something
  • A kazoo – hey, you never know when you might need one
  • Three sets of portable headphones, two of which (at least) are broken – I forgot about the third one, and have been using a fourth set
  • Eye drops – really handy in the summer when I get sunscreen in my eye – the bottle is empty now, so I guess I should take this out
  • A Christmas card from work – I guess I should take this out too
  • Chapstick
  • An extra rear bike light – I guess I could put this on the knapsack when cycling at night
  • An “I Tipped The Fringe” button from last summer
  • Odd bits of paper
  • $3 in change
  • Spare earplugs for one of the three portable headphones mentioned above
  • I think that’s it

I guess it would be a bad idea for me to ever make jokes about what women keep in their purses.




One response

22 05 2012
Craig Burley

Yours is a lot like mine, which also goes almost everywhere with me.

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