Thank you

12 05 2012

I was the recipient of a random act of kindness recently, and I thought I would write about it, given that I have a blog I intermittently post to and all that.

When I’m at work, I like to take a book with me when I go out to lunch. I can sit outside and read and eat, and all is well. One day last week, I forgot that I had a book with me, and left it where I was sitting. It was hours later before I realized I’d forgotten it.

It was a library book, so I resigned myself to having to pay for it, but I decided to wait a few days before going to the library and reporting it as lost. This morning, I logged into my Toronto public library account to check to see if I had any overdue books, and I noticed that my lost book was no longer listed as checked out. The only possible explanation was that some kind citizen had found the book and had returned it for me.

I think I left an old business card in the book – I use them as bookmarks. So, in case whoever found this decides to Google my name – thank you. You’ve made my day. I now need to figure out what to do with the unexpected windfall – I believe that the universe requires me to do something good with it.

Partially unrelated to this – I am grateful that I have both a balcony and a laptop. This happy combination means that I can enjoy nice spring weather and geek out on my computer at the same time. Sometimes, it’s a good morning.




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