Donna Summer

19 05 2012

When I heard that Donna Summer had passed away, it reminded me of when I used to listen to music in the family rec room in the basement back when I was growing up in the late 1970s. My parents bought new speakers for the family stereo, and they were huge – I remember them being something like five feet tall. I used to look at the woofers on those things and think, whoa, that’s some serious bass capability.

Before I discovered CFNY and alternative music, I used to listen to Rock 102, a station broadcasting from Buffalo that had no disk jockeys. They played pre-recorded tapes with a strict 2:1 ratio between new songs and oldies. The idea of disk jockey-less music seemed cold and impersonal even then, but it also seemed like the wave of the future.

To bring this back to Donna Summer: Rock 102 used to play “I Feel Love” a lot back when I was listening.

This is something of an impressive technological achievement, given that it was 1977.

I’m not a disco fan, to put it mildly, so I haven’t listened to any of Ms. Summer’s music since those days. But she died much too young, and now another part of Our Lost Youth [tm] is gone.





One response

19 05 2012

She made such a huge impact in such a short period of time. I regret that she was so young when death claimed her. She will be missed.

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