Ideas that needed rethinking

27 05 2012

Last week, I was walking on Wellington Street near Blue Jays Way, and saw two signs that caught my attention for the wrong reasons.

First, there is this huge billboard for something featuring Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez:

I’m not a design expert, but wouldn’t it make more sense to put Jennifer Lopez’s name over Jennifer Lopez’s picture, and Enrique Iglesias’s name over Enrique Iglesias’s picture? The way it is now, it looks like both of them have undergone rather drastic makeovers. I suppose this could be one of those deals that agents broker for their stars to ensure shared billing: look, we’ll put Enrique’s name first on the poster, but we’ll put J-Lo’s picture on the left.

You can come up with an excuse for that one, but there’s no real excuse for this:

The caption on this billboard reads, “This driver knows Toronto.” Didn’t it occur to somebody that it might be a good idea to design two billboards, one for each side of the cab? And it’s not as if this is a mistake that is appearing on just one taxi – I’ve seen this at least twice now.




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