Needs more cowbell

30 05 2012

This morning, the music that came up on my player featured two consecutive songs with a whole lot of cowbell.

The first one, “Hazy Shade Of Winter” by the Bangles, doesn’t feature the cowbell until about the two minute mark:

(I have trouble watching 1980s videos sometimes – we were all young then, and now we are not young any more.)

The second one, “Vicious” by Lou Reed, features cowbell from start to finish (warning – lyrics slightly NSFW):

I love that rhythm guitar – it just keeps going and going and going.

Totally unrelated to anything: on the streetcar this morning, I was sitting behind a woman who had been divebombed by a pigeon shortly before boarding. There was an obvious streak of pigeon shit on the back of her left shoulder. I didn’t have the heart or nerve or cojones to tell her. I wonder how her day went, and if she ever found out.




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