Toronto Island ferries

10 07 2012

If you’re a Torontonian, the names Thomas Rennie, Sam McBride, and William Inglis probably ring a bell, but perhaps you’re not sure why. They’re the names of the ferry boats that carry passengers from the city to the Toronto Islands. The Thomas Rennie has been in service since 1951, the Sam McBride since 1939, and the William Inglis since 1935. (The source for this last is Wikipedia.)

I was curious, so I looked up these three names.  I hit paydirt at the Toronto Island Ferry historical site. From there, I learned that Thomas Rennie was a long-serving Toronto Harbour commissioner, and Sam McBride was a former mayor of Toronto. McBride served between 1928 and 1929 and in 1936, when he died suddenly. It didn’t say who the William Inglis was named after, but further web searching revealed that he was a prominent businessman (and son of John Inglis, who founded the Inglis factory that used to be on Strachan Avenue back when people manufactured things in North America).




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