Have love, will travel the whole wide world

6 08 2012

On Saturday night, I saw the Black Keys at the Molson Amphitheatre. Much fun, even though it rained off and on (it was so humid that the rain was actually enjoyable). They didn’t play my favourite song of theirs, which is a cover of “Have Love, Will Travel”:

After hearing this today on my iPod, it occurred to me that this song has the same theme as Wreckless Eric’s “The Whole Wide World”:

When I saw the movie “Stranger Than Fiction”, I was startled to discover that they used this song in that movie. How did the director ever hear of Wreckless Eric? Even more startling was that the song was used as a plot point: the Will Ferrell character makes a good impression on the Maggie Gyllenhaal character by playing this song (even though the song only has two chords – E and A).

“Have Love, Will Travel” has a long history. It was written and recorded by Richard Berry in 1959, and was a garage rock hit for The Sonics in 1965. I also found YouTube clips of live versions by (Jim) Belushi and Aykroyd and Bruce Springsteen. It’s a fun song.




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