Resident Appreciation Event

18 10 2012

Rogers doesn’t annoy me as much as it does some people – except for those times when my Internet connection goes out – but the promotional campaign that they periodically run in my building irritates me somewhat. When they visit my building and the one next door to try to sign up new customers, they call it a Resident Appreciation Event.

This time out, the signs for the Resident Appreciation Event were covered with business cards in strategic locations (apologies for the blurriness):

(The handwritten comment reads, “You gonna pay my rent for a month? Awesome!!!”) Someone took the business cards off of one of the signs, which revealed why the cards were on there in the first place:

Yes, this promotional offer didn’t work out as well as intended.

Totally unrelated to the above – they were holding some sort of significant event on King Street west near Peter at lunchtime. It was important enough that they rolled out the blue carpet for it:

I was reluctant to walk on it. I’m wondering, though: don’t they normally use a red carpet for these things? Or is that too obvious now?




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