Pizza Nova, 1993 versus 2013

21 01 2013

So I was looking through a book I bought many years ago, and found a flyer from Pizza Nova from 1993. So I thought it might be fun to compare prices. Taxes not included.

  • Small pepperoni pizza: 1993: single $6.45, double $9.75; 2013: single $8.59, double $10.74
  • Lasagna: 1993: $6.75, with mushrooms $7.75; 2013: $8.39, with mushrooms $9.04
  • Garlic bread: 1993: $1.65, with cheese $2.65; 2013: $2.45, with cheese $3.45
  • Panzerotti: 1993: $3.50, extra ingredients $0.35; 2013: $4.99, extra ingredients $0.65
  • Wings, 20 pieces: 1993: $6.39; 2013: $16.99 (!!)
  • Caesar salad: 1993: $2.95; 2013: $4.49

So it looks like pizza and lasagna have suffered the least from 20 years of inflation, and chicken wings have gotten way more expensive. (They might be larger, of course – I seem to recall that chicken wings used to be smaller.)

The modern Pizza Nova menu has stuff that the 1993 menu doesn’t: modern diners can chow down on BBQ back ribs, chicken pollini, meatball and porchetta sandwiches, seasoned kalamata olives, potato wedges, and balsamic Mediterranean salad. But the 1993 menu had spaghetti, which the 2013 menu doesn’t. Which made me feel nostalgic: my family used to eat a lot of Pizza Nova spaghetti when I was growing up, and I liked it. I miss it.




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