2012 Blue Jays: Jeff Mathis, J. P. Arencibia, assorted hitters

20 02 2013

With Jeff Mathis, the Jays can’t say they weren’t warned: his .248 OBP was disastrous, but it was actually higher than it had been the previous two years. What’s interesting about him was that he was originally a very highly rated prospect – he hit well in the low minors, but stalled in class AA ball. I guess it goes to show that developing prospects is a bit of a crapshoot.

J. P. Arencibia is pretty much a known quantity by now – it’s pretty clear what he can do and what he can’t. What he can do: hit for power, play okay defense, take charge of a pitching staff (at least, he looks authoritative out there). What he can’t do: hit for average, run. There’s worse players out there.

The Baseball Reference entries for the 2012 Toronto Blue Jays are listed in order by plate appearances, so Eric Thames and Moises Sierra are listed right next to one another. They had remarkably similar seasons: Thames had an OPS of .652 in 160 plate appearances, and Sierra had an OPS of .648 in 157 plate appearances. Neither of these numbers is particularly good, which is why Thames is now in Seattle and the Jays have signed Melky Cabrera. Sierra is young enough to improve, but a .289 batting average in Las Vegas is a bad sign. Seven of his teammates hit better than that, and Adam Lind batted .392 when he was there.

Yan Gomes batted 111 times in the major leagues in 2012 and scored nine (9) runs. That’s not very many.

Well, the whole Omar Vizquel thing didn’t work out, did it? The only thing good you can say about it was that he hit better than Mike McCoy, the man who would have had his job.

Ben Francisco batted 54 times for the 2012 Jays, and I honestly don’t remember any of them. It’s not that he was that bad – the Jays played worse hitters – but just that he wasn’t memorable. He eventually went off to Houston in the J. A. Happ trade, and was equally non-memorable there.




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