Two thoughts on Trudeau Junior

8 04 2013

My blog has been sadly neglected of late, alas.

From what I’ve read, it looks like Justin Trudeau will soon become the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. While I am a little troubled by the idea of Trudeau as a political leader – since his primary qualifications for the job appear to be his charm and his surname – two thoughts occur to me:

  • Many people are criticizing Trudeau for his lack of policy initiatives. This is a side effect of years of Harper Government [tm]. Before Harper, Canadians didn’t expect The Leader to create policy single-handedly. The Prime Minister was first among equals, and had a strong cabinet of ministers to help govern the country.
  • The Harper Government has worked very hard to craft its image. The Conservatives are all about symbols and message: the carefully chosen shade of blue background and the white text in an authoritative font, the slogans for speaker’s podiums and attack ads, the right number of Canadian flags to serve as backdrops, and on and on. It would be supremely ironic if this self-absorbed government were to be beaten by a man who is more of a symbol – good or bad – than a real person to most Canadians at this point.



One response

8 04 2013
Bruce Miller

It is too cool! Mulcair the elderly statesman looks better each day, actually came out on behalf of Canadian loabor, and against the Big corporations! Gob Bless this man!

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