“Cretin Hop” by The Ramones

1 06 2013

Years ago, I formulated a test to determine whether I had gotten old or not. I would put on a song by The Ramones. If I still liked them, I wasn’t old yet.

This week at rush hour, “Cretin Hop” came on while I was waiting for a subway at Spadina station:

I couldn’t help it – I started doing tiny little inconspicuous dance moves while waiting for the train. I couldn’t keep still, especially during the bridge:

1, 2, 3, 4, cretins want to hop some more
4, 5, 6, 7, all good cretins go to heaven

I still love Da Bruddahs. I’m not old yet.




2 responses

2 06 2013
Craig B

Oh Lord Dave I don’t know how to say this gently but the Ramones are *so old* where they are not *so dead*.

3 06 2013

Dude, there’s old and there’s old.

On one hand, of course you are right – Joey Ramone, if he were still alive, would have turned 62 last month. I am not as old as Joey, but I am no longer young by almost any measurement you care to name – even knuckleballers are younger than me – and any attempt to pretend otherwise would look foolish at best and hideously self-absorbed at worst.

But I hope never to be too old to be affected by the joyful enthusiasm of the Ramones’ early records. If I start thinking of it as just noise, and decide that I want to put on something more soothing, I will have crossed a frightening threshold. I’m not there yet.

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