“Stand” by R.E.M.

2 06 2013

In my last music post, I congratulated myself for not being old yet. Now, I’m not so sure. I recently learned that Warner Music is about to release a 25th anniversary version of R.E.M.’s Green album. Was it that long ago that I used to drive around Waterloo in my functional but not particularly showy Toyota Tercel while playing Green on my car’s cassette player? Yes – yes it was.

The video for “Stand”, from that album, is kind of fun because it’s sort of low budget, and features people with 1980s hair dancing 1980s dances:

Just think of it: everybody in that video has aged 25 years since it was shot. It’s startling to see Michael Stipe with all that hair.

By the way: while I was sad two years ago when I heard the news that R.E.M. had split up, I was impressed by how they did it.




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