“All I Know” by Screaming Trees

14 06 2013

The early to mid-1990s was probably one of my favourite times for music. It was the last period in music history when “alternative” music (for lack of a better term) was seen to be outside the mainstream, and seemed to be a community of sorts. This all got blasted to bits when Nirvana started selling so many records – record companies and radio formatters started signing and playing bands that sounded as much like Nirvana as possible, and the definition of what constituted “alternative” narrowed to almost an invisible point. (This bothered Kurt Cobain as much as anyone – in fact, it probably bothered him more than anyone else.)

Anyway, enough nostalgic rambling and/or ranting. Here’s “All I Know” by Screaming Trees, part of the Seattle/grunge scene (from what I gather, most Seattle bands hated the name “grunge”, but whatever).

This song was released in 1996, which was past their time of greatest popularity. Front man Mark Lonegan had already released some solo albums, and the band broke up in 2000.




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